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As above we see the Rec. Data tab displayed. This is where we rename files, enter bookmarks and comments, remove bookmarks and comments. We can also send email as a recording by clicking the letter icon on the bottom.
To enter bookmarks or comments simply click on the Button next to the Bookmark and enter it in the title, press enter key when finished. To enter long comments select your comment and click the notepad icon which is on the bottom right. Click icon again to get out of the box, To save comment click on the red check mark.'Comment @[ 76]' implies that the comment is at 76 seconds into the recording.
As above we see the user profile tab displayed. This is where we set up profiles. In order to disable an agent from being able to control the recorder the "Start with a small player" check box should be checked. If you want to control your agents recording you must set up a user profile with a password. After every change that is made the small disk icon on the bottom right hand side should be clicked in order to save the configurations.
Double click where the 'M*' is in order to enter parameters for the query.
On the left we see the Query tab displayed. This is where we do our searching. The 'M Query' which is shown searches all files, the 'X' next to the 'All' is selected, which begin with the letter 'M'.
Please pay attention that the 'File Name' button is pressed. If the 'Subject' button was pressed we would search in the subject field.
When the red check mark is pressed the list tab, shown below, opens with all recordings starting with the letter M
Searches can be made for phone or room recordings by selecting either the 'Rec. Phone' or Rec.Room' options.
Furthermore, dates and times can be searched for as well. The queries can be saved by clicking the small icon disk on the top right.
Click on the Recorder List Botton to see the entire list.
As above we see the Device Control tab displayed. This is where we set the Voice activation features on. Voice activation start is set to '2' which means that after 2 seconds of voice detection the unit starts to record. The unit stops recording once it does not detect noise for '4' seconds.
The 'disable box keys' check box is used for disabling recorders for agent or call center monitoring. This gives the administrators the option of blind recording the agents.
If the Auto Room Recording and The Auto Phone Recording are checked at the same time, Phone recording has the priority.
Furthermore the Device Control has a trace feature which can show administrators which buttons were pressed by the user. To see the trace click on the Finger icon.
Do not forget to save setting when making changes in this tab. Just click the disk icon to save your changes



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